Five ways to improve your sexual life

American scientists point out that there are solutions and ways to improve your erotic life, as long as the first step is made.

Cleveland Clinic specialists propose some ways that are quite simple and are listed below.

  • Measure your waist circumference

Hypertension and high cholesterol can cause vascular problems, which can result in poor erectile function.

  • Have regular cardiac examinations

Erection problems can hide other health problems, such as heart disease.

  • Do not assume that you have low testosterone

When there are erection problems, testing for your testosterone levels could help.

  • Do not reject taking advice of an expert

Sometimes sexual problems, such as low libido and erectile dysfunction may also be due to a psychological factor.

  • Talk to your partner

Ask your partner what he/ she wants and tell him/ her what you want. Many times, due to the fact that as both men and women grow older, stress and the pressure of everyday life can block sexual function. For this reason, couples must work on their relationship continuously.

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