Salvador Sobral in critical condition – Doctors are trying to find a compatible donor

The condition of health of Salvador Sobral, who was moved into intensive care unit and he is waiting to find a compatible donor to undergo a heart transplant, is critical, according to recent Portuguese reports.

The 27-year-old Eurovision winner, in mid-September, stopped his appearances and on the 19th of the same month, he was transferred to Santa Cruz Hospital, just outside Lisbon, where doctors connected him to ventilator that helps keep him alive and control his state of health.

According to new reports from the Portuguese press, and while no formal announcement has been made, Salvador was transferred to the intensive care unit and doctors restricted the visits to a minimum.

“It is a battle against time,” said a medical source, while the president of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology pointed out that the most suitable donor should be at most 35 years old and with a blood group, height and weight similar to those of the singer and this why, it is more likely that the transplant will come from a brain-dead patient after an accident.

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