Crucial hours for Salvador Sobral in the hospital, waiting for a heart transplant to be found

According to Portuguese media, Salvador Sobral has been through difficult hours, as he is hospitalized to Santa Cruz Hospital, outside Lisbon, where he is on a ventilator, which controls his state of health until a heart transplant is found.

Due to the laws on medical confidentiality, sources from the hospital do not confirm or refute what is written, while individuals from the singer’s environment report that “the machines help him in vital functions of the organism and thus his condition is less risky “.

We remind that according to older reports, heart transplantation has to be done immediately, as doctors gave to the 27-year-old Eurovision winner three months of life. Moreover, as we all remember, Salvador in a moving video, shocked his fans by saying “I give my body to science”, while in his last appearance on stage he burst into tears and fell into his sister’s arms.

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