Jennifer Aniston: As a Greek woman, I love tan

Jennifer Aniston has posed for almost every magazine cover during her career in Hollywood, but every time she does it, she shows that she remains wonderful and charming.

The interview for the new Harper’s BAZAAR was made by Amy Sedaris, a well-known Greek-American actor and friend of Aniston’s husband,Justin Theroux. The interview revolves mainly around women’s issues, including whether Aniston often paints her nails. Aniston said no, because she does not have the patience to let her nails dry.

Moreover, she declares that after 12 years, Brad Pitt called her to apologize.

She admits to being obsessed with taking many vitamins, but says her routine is constantly changing and always testing every new product she reads on the internet. And because she invests so much to maintain her health, she says her dream is to open a wellness center. “I have a dream; to make a beautiful place with facial treatments, workouts, meditation lessons and a coffee with my recipes and healthier versions of delicious food,” says the 48 year old famous actor.

Finally, as a typical Greek woman, she also spoke about her relationship with the sun: “Being a Greek I love tan, but I am in a phase that has stopped sunbathing. And I miss it. It brought me a lot of happiness when I did it and I had vitamin D, but I’ve been turning to good tanning through spraying practice,” she states.

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