Salvador Sobral answers to the rumors about his health

After the frustration caused by the Portuguese and international media from the cancellation of concerts due to the deterioration of his health, the winner of Eurovision 2017 Salvador Sobral decided to explain to his fans, exactly how things are.

In a moving video he posted on his YouTube account, he announced that he is going to cancel all of his planned concerts and focus on the serious problem he faces with his heart.

As he declares, he will retire to “deliver his body to science.” “Unfortunately I do not know how long it can last, these things are impossible to identify but I will be strong,” he says in the video, where he pleases their fans for their warm support in the last difficult months.

Also, he says, he is going to give his last farewell concert in Cascais next Friday. “It will be beautiful, it will be a goodbye but a temporary goodbye,” says the singer, who also failed to mention the Portuguese press, which wrote that he only had three months of life if no heart transplant is found.

“I would like to ask people to respect my privacy and not to ask me many questions. It’s hard for me and my closest people. Let’s be honest, I am referring mainly to some magazines that wrote that I only have three months to live, “said the 27 year old Portuguese singer.

Check out below, the video he released in his official YouTube Channel.

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