Poland is demanding one trillion dollars from Germany in war reparations for the Second World War

The statements made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs put forward the issue in the most direct manner – Still, he did not reply to the question on when the Polish government will make an official claim.

The debate over the German war reparations, is always part of the Greek political debate, especially given the whole framework of the current economic crisis. Greece was not the only country that had been seriously affected by Nazi occupation during the Second World War. That was exactly the claim made by the Polish Foreign Minister, the Minister of the country that was the first to be invaded by Adolf Hitler’s troops. Vitold Vaščikovski stated that Germany should pay his country over a trillion dollars in war reparations.

Speaking to Polish radio, Mr. Vaščikovski stated that there is a need for serious discussions to be held with Germany since the relations between the two countries were greatly affected by the 1939 invasion and that after the end of the war, a number of issues remain unresolved between the two sides. He went on to estimate that the reparations for the damages and losses incurred exceed one trillion dollars.

The Polish Minister of Defense, Mr. Antoni Macierewicz went on, even further, and blamed the Europeans for attempting to erase from history the wrongs that fell upon the Polish people during the Second World War.

The Polish government has rejected the result of the 1953 referendum, held under the then communist government, through which Poland has allegedly renounced any claim for reparations from Germany.

Poland had suffered greatly under the German occupation. During the Second World War, over 6 million Polish citizens had lost their lives, including 3 million citizens of Jewish descent.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Vitold Vaščikovski declined to answer the question on when the Polish government will make officially know its position on the issue of the German war reparations.

Still, in a current, independent, opinion poll, 51% of Poles are against in making a claim for war reparations to Germany, while only a mere 24% is in favor of re-opening such a case, a case that it is bound to cause great reactions.

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