Highlights of the amazing party at Nammos with Antonis Remos

On the occasion of the great celebration of Muslims Eid al-Adha, an event called “1000 and One Nights” was held at Nammos, Mykonos, which lasted until the early hours in the morning.

The preparations for the live concert of Antonis Remos and the extremely popular Arab artists Ragheb Alama and Mustafa Sandal had begun early, while camels were transported to the site to complete the setting.

At “1000 and One Nights”, of course, there were also dancing orientalists led by the star of Didem Kınalı. Fires in the sand, carpets, wines and champagnes worth up to 72.000 euros set up yesterday’s night that created an amazing atmosphere at Nammos in Mykonos island.

The event started with the solo of a violinist, while Antonis Remos appeared on stage after 03:00 am. Among the famous customers of Nammos were the Egyptian billionaire, Naguib Sawiris, the Mayor of Marathonas, Ilias Psinakis and the jeweler Kostas Kessaris as a Dj.

Watch below some videos from Friday’s event released on Mykonos Live TV YouTube Channel.

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