Online public consultation on constitutional revision extended until Sept. 4

The electronic platform for the public consultation process on revising the Constitution will remain open until September 4 due to the public’s heightened participation in recent days, the Committee for Dialogue on the Constitutional Revision announced on Monday.

The announcement noted that the first stage of the process was completed and the final phase, involving the second questionnaire, was already underway. It said that the second questionnaire, like the first, did not reflect the opinions of the Committee but questions arising as a result of the proposals put forward in replies to the first-phase questionnaire, as well as suggestions and concerns raised by the public during meetings with social and expert bodies.

In order to enable the broadest possible participation in the process, the public will be able to view the new questionnaire in advance. The second questionnaire is shorter than the first and includes a section on the so-called “economic constitution”.

The announcement also stressed that the personal information and privacy of citizens participating will be fully protected and included links to three videos about the process posted on the Committee’s Facebook page:

Source ANA - MPA
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