The government returns to its usual work mode after short summer holidays

The prime minister, Mr. Alexis Tsipras will seek to get his government ministers back to speed knowing that September will be a crucial and decisive month for his government.

Sources claim that the prime minister will move ahead with a small reshuffle of members of staff at his office aiming to further improve his communications staff, having at its head the government spokesman and Minister of State, Mr. Dimitris Tzanakopoulos.

The prime minister’s office has asked all ministers for their proposals, which are going to be made public and discussed, during the two-day visit at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), where Mr. Alexis Tsipras wants to come forward and place great emphasis on economic development. The dominant role in this overall design will play the so-called “productive” ministries that have the duty to submit a concrete plan for the return of the country to development.

In parallel, the government’s financial & fiscal staff is planning ahead for the upcoming third fiscal evaluation and assessment with low-level staff already being in contact with the Troika representatives in Brussels. The Euro Working Group which will be held on the 4th of September in the Belgian capital should be indicative of the creditors’ intentions as well as of the pressure exerted on the government to implement some additional reforms. Still, the IMF, is an unknown factor that has to be taken into account, of course, as to the possibility of raising new demands to the Greek side, asking either to apply a tax reduction a year earlier or to delay the implementation of the countermeasures which were voted at the same time, by the Greek Parliament in order to close the second fiscal assessment.

Still, it has to be said that even though the third fiscal assessment does not contain additional fiscal measures, it still has and poses great difficulties for a left-wing government. For example, the successful conclusion of all major privatizations in the energy sector (DEH-DESFA), and the commencement of electronic auctioning. The next assessment will also include cuts in certain benefits as well as various interventions in the field of closed professions, as well as changes in the trade union law.

Source ANA-MPA
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