The system in our schools is not Darwinian, says Education Min. Gavroglou

The Left is a strong supporter of the social justice and the equal opportunities for everyone, particularly when we refer to a social good as education, stated Education Minister Costas Gavroglou speaking to Athens Macedonian News Agency on Wednesday.

The minister said that the “noble competition should be cultivated, but according to a moral code of principles and not according to the laws of the market. The system in our schools is not Darwinian and it should not be.

Referring to the draft law on higher education, Gavroglou noted that “it is the first law after 1974 that foresees changes in the administration but also establishes new institutions and introduces new procedures that safeguard the universities’ extroversion”.

Gavroglou insisted that the ministry’s intention is the totally anti-pedagogical system of the university entry exams to become past very soon. “This system has completed its circle and is one of the major thorns that undermine the educational and pedagogical operation of the high school’s (lyceum) educational independency and for this purpose is mandatory to be abolished.

Source ANA - MPA
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