Provocative celebrations and statements on the Akinci agenda

A harsh response was given by the Greek side over the fiesta held by Ankara with the participation of the Turkish Cypriot leader, to celebrate the murderous bombings of Turkish air force against civilians in Tillyria peninsula in1964.

With “dismay” the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted on Tuesday the celebrations of the Turkish Cypriot leadership, including Mr Akinci himself, for the 53rd anniversary of the use of chemical weapons and dropping napalm bombs by the Turkish air force in Tillyria peninsula.

The bombings constitute one of the most tragic moments in the history of Cyprus, as the first act of the Turkish invasion which took place ten years later and also because in August 1964 napalm bombs hit civilians and even the hospital of Pahiammos.

According to media reports about one thousand settlers participated in the celebrations–very few of whom were Turkish Cypriots-  a fact which shows that the fiesta was actually organized by Ankara. Also, their transfer to the celebration spot was eventful due to the fact that Turkish Cypriot side  insisted on allowing in 75 busses instead of the 46 permitted by the Cyprus government

Therefore, it is worth noting that at the place (Kokkina stronghold) Moustafa Akinci arrived by means of a helicopter in complete alignment with Ankara’s moves.

As is noted in an announcement by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs this was the first use of banned chemical weapons in the history of our planet, pointing out that that today,when the whole planet bows to the victims of wars and such hostile acts, the holding of and participation in such celebrations is an affront to international law, to the memory of the fallen, and to humanity as a whole.

Strong response by Nikos Christodoulides

As if that was not enough Mr Akinci addressing those attending the celebrations described the occupied territories as «entity» which «no one is allowed to overlook”.

Following that Mr Akinci blamed for once more Greek Cypriot side for the failure of the talks in Krans Montana.

His statement provoked a response by  Greek Cypriot side. In a written statement Government Spokesman Nikos Christodoulides said that it is obvious that Akinci feels the need to make statements every day in an attempt to attribute responsibility to the Greek Cypriot side.

This is precisely because of the Turkish side`s responsibility for the impasse in the negotiations at Crans Montana, as  he underlined, stressing that “there is no doubt that the negative outcome of the talks in Crans Montana was due to Turkey`s persistence on maintaining its guarantees and intervention rights in Cyprus, in addition to keeping a permanent military presence on the island,”

Meanwhile, a former Turkish diplomat does not rule out Ankara’s interference in Cyprus.

The former diplomat Oktay Aksoi, in a purposeful  interview,  stresses ominously: “Turkey is not going to proceed military intervention in Cyprus while French and Italian activities are in progress, at least not  the near future”


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