Greek Justice strikes back to EU concerns over Georgiou conviction

Two days ago the European Commission expressed concern over the decision of the Greek Appeals Court to convict Andreas Georgiou for breach of duties during his tenure and hand him a two-year suspended sentence.

“What is important to [the Commission] is that the independence of ELSTAT is protected in line with the law and that people who do their jobs are also protected in line with the law,” Annika Breidthardt, spokeswoman for economic and monetary affairs, said at a news conference stressing that the case will be examined by member-states at the Eurogroup,  it is open for an appeal.

The question that rises following the Breidthardt’s statements is weather for the EC the independence of ELSTAT is more important than the independence of Justice.

So, next day the Greek Union of Judges and Prosecutors responded to European Commission’s stance  that:

“The Greek judicial authorities and Greek law must treat all citizens equally without taking into consideration the special relationship that they can have with services belonging to the European Commission.”

In a written statement the Union said that “the judgment of judges and prosecutors is not allowed to be influenced by political balances,  pressures or inducements,” reckoning also a press release it had issued on 30.August 2016 in which it criticized the “unacceptable and extra-institutional interventions of the European Commission in the case of former ELSTAT chief Georgiou that was open back then.”

However, the point is if Eurogroup has to do something since it is an informal forum of Eurozone finance ministers without “institutional significance”.How is it going to take any measures against the Greek court decision without been exposed?


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