Germany accepts an average of 190 family reunifications per month from Greece

An average of 190 family reunifications of refugees from Greece have taken place in Germany every month this year, the ministry of migration policy said in press release on Thursday, responding to press reports criticizing the reunification procedure agreed between the two countries and their reported tacit agreement to limit their number.

“It would be prudent not to make thoughtless comments on the diplomatic channel chosen by the Greek state through the competent Minister for Migration Policy Yiannis Mouzalas, to manage this crucial issue effectively,” the ministry said.

According to ministry numbers, 670 refugees from Greece were reunified with their families in Germany in 2016, while 1,334 people have reached Germany through the program since January (up until July). That is an average of 190 family reunifications per month, the ministry said.

A further 634 relocations were recorded from Greece to Germany in 2016 and 3,079 in the first seven months of 2017.

Source ANA-MPA
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