Bulgaria and FYROM signed agreement on friendship and cooperation

Prime Ministers of Bulgaria and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Bojko Borisov and Zoran Zaev, have signed today in Skopje a bilateral agreement on friendship, good neighbourhood and cooperation between the two countries.

According to local media reports, the agreement provides support for FYROM’S Euro-Atlantic aspirations on behalf of Bulgaria, cooperation at bilateral and multilateral level, upgrading of transport links and communications, simplification of customs and border procedures, allocation of funds for regional and cross-border infrastructure projects, and facilitation of contacts between citizens of both countries.

It is worthy to note that the agreement was signed in “Macedonian” language according to the Constitution of  FYROM and in Bulgarian according to the Bulgarian Constitution.

Both Prime Ministers said that a new page is being opened in the relations between the two countries. “The phrase “joint history” is a phrase that united and opens perspectives, instead of causing divisions,” Borisov said that he’s  also expecting the EU to evaluate this agreement, which has been achieved without any mediation.

“Today, Bulgaria is a great friend of Macedonia and our ally in the Euro-Atlantic perspective”, Zaev said, adding that “Macedonia and Bulgaria have made a historic step by moving forward and by leaving the past behind. With this agreement, we have given way to the stability and development of the two countries.”

Meanwhile, The main opposition party of FYROM VMRO-DPMNE in a statement issued yesterday accused the ruling party SDMS of immature and damaging decisions for the nation and  called on its members and followers to abstain from celebratory events organized by SDSM.

Tomorrow, Borisov and Zaev will lay flowers at the tomb of the Ottoman-era revolutionary Goce Delcev, a historic figure that both countries revere as a national hero.

The agreement was welcomed the E.U and Germany.

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