New type of wallet has thief detector camera

In a time when smartphones are able to make payments and store documents, wallets are already outdated.

The Volterman is a series of wallets that have already exceeded their target of crowdfunding at Indiegogo by 721%, with the campaign ending on the 1st of August. They have built-in power bank with wireless charge, WiFi Hotspot, GPS to locate them from your mobile phone and the most important thief detector camera. If you leave the wallet somewhere and move beyond a certain safety distance, your cell phone will alert you and lead you to it. Conversely, if you forget your cell phone you will receive a signal from the wallet.

The most original feature of Volterman, however, is the built-in camera that shoots whoever opens the wallet and sends the pictures to your cell phone, then to locate it from the GPS tracker of the wallet.
All this technology in some magical way fits into a wallet that remains thin and lightweight. The first tracks will be shipped to their owners in December, and their prices start at $98.

Checkout below the official video of Volterman Smart Wallet released on Youtube Channel.

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