Goal for them … kick-off for us

This is not only a government. This is an uninterrupted “triumph”. With back-to-back victories. The last big “success” being the comprehensive agreement on the conclusion of the second evaluation. The simple details, of minor importance, that undoubtedly do not tarnish its enormous success: That it concluded the second evaluation with a delay of several months, which further exacerbated the uncertainty in the Greek economy and burdened the Greek society with additional measures of 5 billion Euros.

What if the current Prime Minister had, with statements since November of last year, expressed his absolute certainty that the evaluation would conclude at the Eurogroup of the 5th of December 2016, without a single euro of new measures?

What if in fact he signed a 4th Memorandum, which on the one hand includes measures of, pension cuts and Tax-free reductions that concern the period after 2019, when the current program ends? And what if, on the other hand, it is agreed high primary surpluses of 3.5% by 2022 and over 2% for the period until 2060 to be maintained?

What if the Minister of Finance said that he would resign if the tax-free had to be reduced and would never bring the bill to the Parliament with such a reduction?

What if he completely failed to meet every goal he had set? With most important being the issue of debt that had become the “golden fleece” of the agreement. And it finally was postponed and will be discussed after the end of the current program with the dissent of “if and when necessary”?

What if our membership in the European Central Bank’s QE program that would – according to the government – be our passport to the markets was not gained. And unfortunately, such a membership is not even foreseen?

Unfortunately for the country, the decision of the Eurogroup for closure of the second evaluation evoked the perception commonly used in football: “Goal for them, kick-off for us”. And the only real service the government is left with for the country and the Greek people is the route to immediate elections.

Everyone is aware now, after 2.5 years of SYRIZA -ANEL’s governance. Nobody is allowed to pretend to be ignorant. No one can declare ignorance. Everybody should know that this government is a dangerous mixture of populism and obsessions. That was found in power, after taking advantage circumstances, such as the timing of the Presidential election in 2014 and the exhaustion and the anger of the Greek people after five years of debt crisis. A society who, pre and post-election, was misled with conscious lies, insults and oppressions of the opponents or the not likable ones. The traitors, the Germanists, the Merkelists, the Soiblists, and the internal Troika were on the daily agenda. During the pre-election period, the current government made wild promises. The notorious program of Thessaloniki with the abolition of Uniform Real Estate Ownership Tax (ENFIA), the reinstatement of the 13th pension installment and so much more. With benefits adding up to 12 billion Euros. Unilateral debt write-off. The well-known perverse and shameful debt. And post-election, since hope did not arise and Europe did not change … The government was “crashed” between “hard negotiation” and “creative ambiguity.” And it clearly seemed to have no plan for nothing, or was there one? Another, hidden plan. Closed, in the “drawers of the left-wing anti-European mentality”. Far from the curious eyes of the ignorant, of the uninformed. A plan, only for the initiates. In a series of statements, the former Finance Minister and the until today “ghost”-consultant from Korea – who is highly paid, reveal preparations which were made in the first disastrous semester of 2015 for a parallel payment system and parallel currency. A plan that the current PM was aware of and had probably approved. And with mathematical precision, if that plan was to “take flesh and bones” it would lead the country not only outside the Eurozone, but outside the European Union as well.

The main and minor opposition parties call for the investigation of the case. Let us not forget that the first semester of 2015 charged the Greek economy with 100 billion Euros and the Greece society with an additional 15 billion Euros. This was recently stated by the chairman of ESM Klaus Regling.

The Government that uses sensitivity whenever it feels to and otherwise turns a deaf ear. Rather, the “left moral advantage” apart from “left and moral” is also a little bit deaf. But capital controls still exist. Like the measures that were charged to us. And the time that the government will have to give convincing explanations and answers is not so far away.

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