Which are the cities of Greece with the most cancer incidents

Cancer incidents seem to appear more in some cities of Greece than others. More particularly, Drama, alongside with Kilkis, Karditsa and Grevena, occupy the top four places in cancer mortality, says the pathologist and chairman of the Greek Society of Sciences “Drama against Cancer” Savvas Papadopoulos, citing data from the Greek Statistical Service.

“Drama, alongside with Serres and Kilkis, are the regions with the highest mortality rates but also with the highest aging population,”he mentions.

Theodoros Konstantinidis, Professor of Hygiene at the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki says that an increasing tendency of cancer has been noticed more in Drama and less in Xanthi and Kavala.

He suspects that the increasing trend of cancer in Drama may be due to a demographic phenomenon related to the migration of the people in the 1960s in West Germany, where they were exposed to carcinogenic factors and then returned after being affected by them. Secondly, residents of the area have been affected by pesticides or by existing environmental factors, such as radon, which in some areas of Drama exists at higher rates, while finally he claims that pollutants produced by neighbouring Bulgaria and transported to Greece with Nestos waters or even to the radioactivity spill from the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant, where an accident occurred in 2006.

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