“The numbers are relentless and the facts are stubborn”

Borrowing the phrase by Francois Mitterand: “The numbers are relentless and the events are stubborn” Vice President of New Democracy, Kostis Hatzidakis, stressed to the audience of 72nd Congress of the Pan-Hellenic Exporters’ Association that government’s over-reliance on the results of the Eurogroup meeting of June 15, contradicts the financial data.

Regarding taxation, ND Vice President and former Minister of Development and Transport reminded them, that in 2016 achieved a 20-year high (!).

“The economy is sluggish, Mr Chatzidakis said and referred another example, that of last year’s investments, where the country scores respectively a 20-year low.

The economy today is not even at 2014 status, he said, as the country – in terms of public debt –had received IMF’s certificate of viability and had successfully entered the markets.

On the contrary, today, Mr Chatzidakis stressed that debt is not viable, we didn’t return to markets, the country has not entered the quantitative easing program and capital controls continue.

“Trust rode on a horse and comes back walking”

The exporters’ conference was titled “The Ways of Exiting Crisis: Trust, Investments, Exports”. So, the Vice President of New Democracy took the opportunity to criticise the government on these fields.
Regarding climate of trust, Mr Hatzidakis said: “it rode on a horse and comes back walking”, thus underlining Greece’s “exit” from the investment map due to the lack of credibility.

Ministers should not “cry” for privatisations,” he said, referring to “stuck” investment plans, like Hellenico with 37 acres of designated forest area, SILO at the Port of Piraeus, which is considered an archaeological monument, and also the Privatisation of TRAINOSE.

How does the country come out of the crisis? Mr Chatzidakis wondered and said that New Democracy has a 5 key points plan, that can bring back rapid growth rates in the Greek economy.
The primary goal of the major opposition is a reforming government, in a sense of a “National Team”.

Second, according to Mr Hatzidakis, it is necessary to deal with red loans efficiently, in order to improve entrepreneurship

Troika has been “Greekised”

Thirdly, there is a need for substantial intervention in the field of taxation

“We, the current Government and Troika made mistakes,” said Mr Hatzidakis pointing out that a lot of “doing and undoing” took place on tax legislation.

With the caustic comment “the troika has been Greekised,” Vice-president of New Democracy stressed the fact that the representatives of the lenders, following the bad Greek practice, accept – and even propose – the constant change in the tax rates.

As the fifth point, for the reversal of the Economy, Mr. Hatzidakis set out, the promotion of structural changes for liberalisation of the Economy, as it has done – with positive results – in the past, in milk market, tuition of private schools, and book market.

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