Thrace an example of peaceful co-existence of different religions

Deputy Foreign Minister,Yiannis Amanatidis, characterised the region of Thrace “an example of peaceful and harmonious co-existence of different religions, the Muslims and the Christians”, speaking on Tuesday to Athens Macedonian News Agency PRAKTOREIO 104.9FM.

Amanatidis welcomed Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim at Alexandroupolis airport and accompanied him to the city of Komotini.

“We had a very interesting talk on the role of the religions in brotherhood, their role in the people and that the religions should not be used as pretext for conflicts”, stated Amanatidis after his meeting with the Turkish prime minister.

“Dialogue is always helpful, it decompress the tension between countries. I believe that Yildirim’s visit to Greece will help towards this direction and will support the development of the positive agenda we had set at the Supreme Greek-Turkish Cooperation Council held in Izmir” concluded Amanatidis.

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