New Democracy: “Ovidius transformations and boasting by Mr Tsipras”

“The Greek people have seen so many Ovidius transformations and boasting by Mr Tsipras that they find it hard to believe anything he says. The only thing that is sure is that Tsipras – Kammenos and their MPs voted the fourth MoU, imposing austerity measures, reducing tax-free amount and cutting of pensions.”

With this simple and biting announcement, New Democracy responds to Alexis Tsipras speech during the Council of Ministers, which he asked for just 48 hours before the critical Eurogroup meeting on the 15th of June.

The Main Opposition party reproach the Greek Prime Minister directly for unpredictable and unstable transformations, resulting in regular threats in order to impress the Greek (and especially the ones who voted for his party) citizens.

”We expect a half-hearted solution”

Regarding what Greece can expect at the upcoming Finance Ministers Eurozone meeting, with the participation of both the International Monetary Fund’s chief, Christine Lagarde, and the Fund’s director of the European Department, Paul Thomsen, is what New Democracy’s Vice President Kostis Hatzidakis predicts: “We are expecting a half-hearted solution, with which the Greek Government and lenders will move on”.

ND MEP George Kyrtsos stated that: “No one will give Greece anything for free. Their logic is to move on the issue in the long run. They should facilitate us, but we cannot say that we are passing the burden of debt from the Greek Taxpayers to the Germans, the Austrians and the French. At least until the German elections, we know the rules of the game”.

Τhe Main Opposition party denounces the high expectations for the Greek debt settlement that the Greek PMe has“cultivated”, not only to the Greek citizens but also his MPs,  although he has already agreed since May 2016 that this is foreseen for the end of the third MoU period. They even accuse him with the intention of appealing to his party audience so that if he fails to negotiate, he will renounce his own responsibility and show that the “bad” lenders do not provide Greece with what they owe.

According to Kostis Hatzidakis, the Greek Government followed an erroneous tactic, letting the problem to grow and this burdened the real economy even more, but it also led things to reach the pre-elections period of Germany, with the result the other side not having any margins of flexibility. “I am accusing the Greek Government of a double error, both in relation to the economic policy itself and in connection with the failed negotiations”, says New Democracy’s Vice President.

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