Katerina Soldatou gives once more an amazing performance above Corinth Canal

A breath-taking sight, and surely unsuitable for those who are feared of heights, was offered by dancer and yoga instructor Katerina Soldatou, who danced hanging from the bridge over the Isthmus of Corinth’s bridge.

Katerina Soldatou was hanging under the old bridge of Isthmus tied with red sails, with which she made her aerial choreography.

The dance above the Isthmus of Corinth was a dream that Katerina Soldatou had for a long time. Without being frightened of the height and with the imposing view of the canal, she faithfully followed her choreography.

In the past, the dance teacher had danced over the Olympic Stadium’s swimming pool. Furthermore, Katerina Soldatou is a certified aerial yoga teacher and she runs the first dance school in Greece.

Checkout below the breath-taking performance as part of the ”Greece Has Soul” programme.

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