Hagia Sophia World Parish request for Hagia Sophia to service as a church

A request to the Turkish authorities, to re-operate Hagia Sophia in Constantinople as a Christian church is going to be made by the Hagia Sophia World Parish, a non-profit organisation based in the United States, with branches in Athens and Thessaloniki.

The chairman of the organization, Chris Spirou, stated yesterday that the request will be submitted by September and, once this is done, they will ask for support from every independent agency in the US and Europe, involved in human rights.

In the case of a negative response from Turkey, he will take the matter to Turkey’s courts and, if they persist in refusing, he will address the European Court of Human Rights.

Mr Spirou stated that in 2010, when Constantinople was declared a cultural capital of Europe, Ankara was requested to perform a Divine service in Hagia Sophia, but it was refused.

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