Elections are the answer to all possible scenarios

The imminent change of the political landscape is the issue at stake for the main opposition party in all of the upcoming scenarios.

Regardless the scenario which will take place, always according to sources within the main opposition party, either there will be a conclusion with the evaluation procedure or a new drawback, New Democracy (ND) insists and will continue insisting on the need to appeal to the voters.

According to polls, New Democracy has a steady lead, something that gives optimism but not complacency, as the party’s leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis states. The plan is to use the overwhelming margin of victory against SYRIZA in order to create a wide European front, numbering over the 38% received by YES at the July 2015 referendum. This front no longer depends on the attitude that political parties face creditors, but with their oppositional stance against the SYRIZA – ANEL coalition.

“Barrage” of meetings

As part of his project to create a front that he aspires to have the characteristics of a minimum of “national understanding” between the parties of the constitutional arc against the SYRIZA – ANEL coalition, the leader of New Democracy, takes the initiative to carry out a barrage of meetings with other political leaders.

The first meeting took place on the 31th of March. The leader of New Democracy met in the Parliament House with the head of the Democratic Coalition, Fofi Gennimata.

On Tuesday, the 4th of April Kyriakos Mitsotakis is scheduled to meet the head of the movement To Potami, Stavros Theodorakis. The next day, Wednesday the 5th of April, the leader of New Democracy will meet with the President of the Centrist Union, Vasilis Leventis, while on the 6th of April Mr Mitsotakis will meet with the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of GreeceDimitris Koutsoubas.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, having essentially ruled out the possibility that New Democracy will vote for the new measures that will bring the closure of the second assessment, in a formal way, communicates to the other political leaders the attitude that his party will keep, while seeking for allies.

After the meeting of Kyriakos Mitsotakis with Fofi Gennimata, it now seems that the leader of the New Democracy has found positive feedback for establishing the “front”, regarding the need to change the current political scene.

According to sources in the party, the two leaders agree under the “common finding with which also agree the vast majority of Greeks, that a precondition to have a perspective for a viable solution and the exit of country from the economic crisis is the immediate resignation of the failed Government of the SYRIZA – ANEL coalition“.

Whether the measures come for the vote in Parliament soon whether they remain… in perpetuity, the front of the minimum National Conciliation proceeds. Currently, a common denominator is requested for elections.

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