President Trump will be present in ceremony for the anniversary of the Greek Independence Day

A symbolic date was chosen by the US President for his first official contact with the Greek – American community, in order to send the first messages for the Greek national issues and the debt issue.

President Trump will attend the ceremony of the anniversary of the Greek Independence Day, on the 24th of March, that’s a day before the anniversary, at the White House.

The event will take place in Washington DC and President Trump will be accompanied with people of his staff, including the Greek-American Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

The Greek – American community will be represented by Archbishop Demetrios of America and prominent members of the Greek Diaspora, also members of the Greek Government are expected to attend.

This is the second round of official contacts, in a short time between the United States of America and Greece, after formal invitation to Nikos Kotzias, the Greek Foreign Minister, to visit the US and meet, among others, his new American counterpart, Rex Tillerson.

The Greek FM originally planned to visit the opposite shore of the Atlantic on the 22nd of March, in order to participate in the official conference for the war against ISIS, but, after an official invitation, his visit is expected to take place a few days earlier.

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