Turkish General Hulusi Akar is a “Tourist” in Imia says Hurriyet – What’s Erdogan answer?

What has been commented with satire by the Greek press, that the provocative visit of the Turkish Chief of General staff in Imia was … a cruise, it was taken with the same perspective by the Turkish opposition press, which in criticism of the Erdogan regime includes the accusation that Turkish leader Houlousi Akar likes … tourism.

Erdogan, who do not like criticism at all, after his return from Pakistan replied to a journalist’s question about the article of journalist Khanty Firat (Hande Firat) in Hurriyet, for criticizing the Armed Forces, which referred to the visit of the Turkish Chief of General staff Houlousi Akar in Imia:

“[…] They say how can the Chief of General staff to come with me abroad? How is it possible to go abroad? What is more natural than that? They do not know what happens in the world. Even the Prime Minister can take with him the Chief of General staff on a trip, whenever he wants. I don’t give any credit to these statements. They describe the Chief’s of General staff visit at Imia as tourist visit. For me the Chief of General staff together with the leadership of the armed forces must submit a complaint against those who declare such things. You can not characterize as a “tourist” the Chief of General staff .

From the moment the Turkish press himself, the part that is still left “free” from the regime understands that Islamists are … tourists in the Aegean, we are on the right track.