A Threat to the Western civilization, the radical right-wing alliance of Grey Wolves and the Islamist AKP

The National Islamism is not only threating Greece but the entire civilized world

The National Islamic alliance of neo-Nazi radical right-wing Grey Wolves and the Party’s Islamist Justice and Development (AKP) is not something new, but the “marriage” was formalized in the referendum of April 16 in Turkey, through which Erdogan hopes to be declared a “president -sultan ” of the new Ottoman caliphate.

In an article in the daily Athenian newspaper “Ethnos”, entitled “Grey Wolves in the sultan’s service” and subtitled “The situation of the radical right Bahçeli threats against Greece and what interest it serves with his political” marriage “with Erdogan,” the journalist George Skafidas troughs describes the political “monster” who was born in neo-Ottoman Turkey.

The Grey Wolves in the sultan’s service

The Minor Asia destruction, the Attila, the Turkish occupation of Cyprus, the persecutions … the darkest pages of Modern Greek History are returning as anti-Greek arrows in the quiver of political upgraded Turkish nationalists.

Speaking to the parliamentary group of the Turkish Nationalist Action Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli threatened to come as a shot in the Aegean and chase the Greeks throwing them overboard, as his ancestors had done in the years 1921 and 1922. He also indicated that “Cyprus is Turkish”, “It’s home of the Turks,” as he said, even calling “the Greek Cypriot administration to abandon the island and never return”.

Given that the nationalist MHP is the Grey Wolves party, these positions are shocking on one hand but not surprising.

However, Devlet Bahçeli of 2017, is not the same man with the Bahçeli of the recent past. He is not just the leader of the third largest opposition party in Parliament.

Instead, he is the most useful partner of the Islamist Erdogan on the road to the referendum on the revision of the Constitution, a necessary partner in pushing the Turkish regime towards more nationalistic directions.

The MHP is the only Party, beyond the in power Islamic-conservative Justice and Development Party (AKP), which has openly declared its support for the transition to an executive hyper-presidentialism with “sultan” Erdogan.

If it was not for the deputies nationalists, Erdogan would not even have been able to gather the 330 votes needed for the referendum.

Symbolic gesture

In return of the ‘favor’, the Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim recently made the sign of the Grey Wolves from the step of the Turkish National Assembly, thereby sealing a new Islamic-national “alliance”.

Apart, however, from whom symbolism, sources with direct knowledge of the Turkish political developments underline to the greek newspaper “Ethnos” that, we are actually heading for a civil “marriage” between Islamists and nationalists in Turkey, not only in the view of the referendum, but with a longer term perspective.

The trend that is being created in the neighbor country wants AKP and MHP (despite the considerable reactions in the ranks of the nationalists) to be unified forming a political Islamists mixture … of Grey Wolves, on a personal and party-free umbrella of an omnipotent Erdogan, who will have the power to appoint ministers without giving reason to anyone.

All this, of course, provided that “Yes” will prevail in the referendum of April 16.

The challenge as a settled rhetoric

A party with a long history of challenges, the nationalist MHP has occasionally said some “heavy words”, which however often forgets … when a judgement call comes.

It had, for example, of the “hanging” of Ocalan as it’s symbolic flag.

However, the PKK leader remains alive.

The MHP usually returns to pragmatism state line.

But what it’s going to happen in the case that the Turkish state line will cease to be pragmatic?

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