Syrian Army prepares for final assault to liberate Palmyra

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is rolling through the Palmyra area of east Homs, liberating a significant chunk of territory from the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists.

On Thursday morning, the Islamic State attempted to reverse the Syrian Arab Army’s gains near Palmyra by launching a powerful counter-offensive at Jabal Al-Tar; however, this attack would be short-lived, as the government would ultimately push them back.

Following the Islamic State’s assault, the Syrian Arab Army launched a counter-attack to liberate all of Jabal Al-Tar and Qa’lat Tadmur (Palmyra Castle); they would ultimately succeed in this endeavor and force ISIS to withdraw to the city.

With the Palmyra Castle and Jabal Al-Tar under their full control, the Syrian Arab Army is now shelling the Islamic State’s positions inside the ancient city, as they prepare to storm the gates.

The Syrian Arab Army has reportedly left the eastern corridor of the city open so that the Islamic State terrorists can withdraw without a fight; however, should they choose to stay, the government forces will unleash a massive assault on the remaining militants.


Source almasdarnews
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