An Albanian far right islamofascist leader blames secular Albanian politicians as “servants” of Athens

Hate speech by the president of the far-right PDIU supported by the Turkish Islamist regime Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

In great anger, the president of the far-right party of the Albanian Chams in Albania Shpëtim Idriz, launched an attack on political opponents in Albania, whom he accused as “servants” of the Greek government.

The President of PDIU (Chams Party) and vice president of the Albanian Parliament Shpëtim Idriz, according to reports in Albanian newspapers, met on Tuesday with officials of his annex Party in Tirana.

In his speech, as noted by the Albanian SOT newspaper, Idriz made clear to Prime Minister Rama that he will remain in the coalition government and will work campaigning with the Socialist Party, only in the case that his Party will have its own representatives in the balloting Committees for the June 18th elections.

At the same time, as the Albanian newspaper notes, Idriz, although he did not name them, has left peaks against the Socialist Movement for Integration Party (Lëvizja Socialiste për Integrim – LSI) of Ilir Meta, stating that his Party is being attacked because it has taken two to three addresses in the Public administration, and spoke of “servants of Athens Tirana”.

Specifically, the supported by the Turkish Islamic regime Erdogan’s far-right politician said:

“How many political parties and politicians in Tirana grovel to the Greeks, for the only purpose to shrink, to eliminate from the political front, the only patriotic party like the PDIU?

“They run to Athens and then come here bringing any kind of ideas and projects that aim only one thing: the national assimilation.

“But I say here in front of you all: The” Cham issue “which we advocate, is less of a problem for them.

“Some officials in Tirana are working, just like Greece does, on the destruction of the “Cham issue”.

“Athens and the servants of Greece in Tirana, are not only working for the destruction of “Cham issue”, they are also working for the destruction of the Albanian Matter “- said the far-right Idriz.

“For the Greek government the “Cham issue” does not exist”, such is the claim of the far right pro-Turkish Islamic Albanian PDIU (Party forJustice, Integration and Unity – Partia Drejtësi, Integrim dhe Unitet) which was founded in 2011.

Chams are called the residents of Chameria, a region generally coincides with the Greek Thesprotia.

After the liberation of the region from the Ottoman occupation and its integration in Greece (1913) the term mainly identified ethnic Albanian Muslims in the region.

The Cham Albanians spoke tosk Albanian dialect, which is considered to have a common root with the Greek language. The Albanians Tosks are considereda relative gender of Greeks.

During the Ottoman Empire period, the Chams Muslims officials participated for many years in the army of Ali Pasha of Ioannina.

Later many of them joined the Ottoman army of Omer Vryoni and fought against the Greek rebels of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

After the Italian occupation of Albania in 1939, the Cham Muslims were used as a propaganda tool by the Italian fascist regime to justify the invasion in Greece.

During the occupation of Greece by the Axis powers (1941-1944), the majority of Chams subscribe to the Axis forces with irredentist aims, in order to create the “Greater Albania”.

As a result of the atrocities and war crimes committed by Chams that time (1941-1943), who were in collaboration with the fascist and Nazi occupation authorities, the local Christian population either migrates or resists with the creation of small resistance groups, or being part of both Greek guerrilla armies ELAS (Greek People’s Liberation Army) and EDES (National Republican Greek League).

On August 17-18, 1944, the battle of the Menina took place, which was the largest one given by the resistance forces against the German invaders in Epirus.

There, the combined forces of EDES defeated the Germans. Among the victims counted there were 86 dead soldiers and many prisoners with 9 Chams among them.

After the end of the war, the entire population of the Muslim Chams fled to Albania because of their traitory with both fascist Italy and Nazi German authorities.

Most of them settled in Albania and a smaller number in Turkey and the United States.

In Greece, out of the 20,000 Chams that existed before the war in Thesprotia, according to the census of 1951, only 127 had remained.

After the fall of communism in Albania, the Chams request their return to Greece, hiding the fact that they left the country as the collaborators of the Nazis, in order to escape the punishment as traitors and war criminals.

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