Three most common signs of your body, showing you are overstressed

We all know the unpleasant feeling of being stressed. Some people can cope well with pressure, while others may get sick. If you are the second type of people, then you should probably have noticed that when you feel overstressed, your body warns you to calm down, by giving you some signs.

Pimples on your skin

Pimples can lead to permanent scars. If the problem is not solved, then you should take immediate action, because when your body is under stress, its ability to self-cure reduces rapidly.

Losing Hair

Hair loss is strongly connected with stressful conditions, as the more stressed you feel, the more hair you are going to lose. Thankfully, hair loss is an irreversible condition, although it can take from three to six months for your hair to get back to normal.

Your stomach aches

Your stress can cause stomachaches, which may be treated either with medication or by some changes on your daily diet. Try to do some exercise and soon you will feel much better.

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