Your face can reveal serious health problems

Many say that the face is the mirror of our health. In many cases our face, provides us important information about our heart condition, possible liver problems, iron deficiency and many other health related problems. But which are the signs that we must take into consideration?


People suffering from acid reflux have weaker teeth due to acids reciprocated from stomach to the oral cavity.


Yellowing of eyes and skin probably means that you are suffering from Jaundice, a severe condition in which your liver fails.


Do you have facial hair? If you are a woman, this is probably a sign of poly cystic ovarian syndrome. In this syndrome, high levels of androgens are produced in woman’s body. On the other hand if you got thinning hair, check yourself for iron deficiency.


If your eyes have a white or a grey rim around iris, then you are in a great danger of stroke and heart attack due to high levels of cholesterol in your blood.

So, if you notice some of the above signs, call you doctor in case you will need to have a complete check-up.

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