Greek-American Christos Marafatsos chosen for vice-chair of Trumps National Diversity Coalition

Christos Marafatsos is officially named Vice-Chair of President Trumps National Diversity Coalition.

As Vice-Chair of the Coalition, Marafatsos will champion the coalition’s outreach to millennial’s, entrepreneurs, American indian’s and the expansion of community initiatives with the White House & RNC.

As a 1st generation Greek-American, Marafatsos has been named 3rd Best Entrepreneur in America under the age of 25 by Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek in 2011.

As a active self-funded Entrepreneur in the political arena, Marafatsos has been consistent in representing the values of the american dream and a voice for the millennial generation.

Marafatsos joins President Trump’s Senior Advisors and Chairman of the Diversity Coalition, Michael Cohen; Cleveland Pastor Darrell Scott, who serves as the Coalition’s CEO; Atlanta delegate and businessman Bruce LeVell, who is the Coalition’s executive director.

Marafatsos will succeed Omarosa Manigault as Vice-Chair of the National Diversity Coalition as she accepted an official role as Director of communications to the White House and Assistant to President Donald Trump. Manigault will continue to remain active in the initiatives of National Diversity Coalition and will work closely with Marafatsos.

The Coalition met with President Trump and his executive team at The White House in celebration of Black History Month and to discuss the issues and opportunities in the African-American community.

Christos Marafatsos Quotes:

“For the first time, we have a president that promises to be a President for all people. As Vice-Chair of the National Diversity Coalition, this allows me to help our team shape and create the many initiatives that our President has promised to preserve and create for the American people.”

“The capabilities and representation that our executive and advisory team brings to the table isn’t like anything we’ve seen with any past administration. Every community will be heard and represented.”

“Working beside NDC executives and Presidential Senior Advisors Michael Cohen, Pastor Darrell Scott and Bruce Levell is an honor and will be used for the greater good of our nation and minority communities. I look forward in working directly with our team and the leaders of our great nation in continuing the purpose and many accomplishments of our coalition to make our country the greatest in the world.”

“As a millennial, entrepreneur and 1st generation Greek-American, working with a Coalition and President that promises to preserve the American Dream, foster growth through small business, and fundamentally change the landscape in our political system so that it benefits its citizens is paramount to my efforts in dedicating my time, energy and finances in making our country the greatest it can possibly be.”

” The National Diversity Coalition has and will continue to be a representation of all of our nations great people and communities. I look forward in championing our efforts to foster strategic relationships with our nations greatest people and communities.”

“Any institution is only as good as it’s people. President Trump has and will continue to surround himself with the best minds that know how to get things done. It’s no longer politics as usual where lobbyists and attorneys rule. For the first time, we have a commander in chief that promises to serve the citizens of our great nation.”

“Irrespective of where you come from or what you do, The National Diversity Coalition represents all Americans regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation”

“We are a group that supports our President and will continue to be part of his many initiatives that make America the greatest country for all people to raise their families and future generations”

“As a first generation Greek-American, preserving and fighting to keep the American Dream alive is paramount. Working with a President and a team that promises to preserve the same opportunity that was given to my family makes me proud to be an American and a part of this team.”

Darrell Scott Quotes:

“Christos Marafatsos has demonstrated the intelligence, acumen and zeal necessary to elevate NDC Trump to a greater level of influence in these current turbulent times. His relentless drive, engaging personality, and unbridled enthusiasm, as well as his grass roots appeal, all contribute to his having his finger on the pulse of America’s political and business communities, which make his position of Vice Chairman of NDC Trump an invaluable asset.

I count it a privilege to work alongside of him in our desire to assist the current Presidential Administration in it’s quest to “Make America Great Again”.”

Michael Cohen Quotes:

“That National Diversity Coalition currently advise and represents over 15 Million Americans. We are proud to stand and support our President Donald Trump and confident that our team will be the voice for all Americans “

Christos Marafatsos Background:

Marafatsos is the President and Founder of Blue Sky Capital, an investment brokerage and consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. An active entrepreneur, he was named 3rd Best Entrepreneur in America under the age of 25 by Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek in 2011.

NDC Executive Team:

Pastor Darrel Scott- CEO

Michael Cohen- Chairman

Christos Marafatsos- Co-Chair

Bruce Levell- Executive Director

NDC Advisor Team:

Representatives are well known individuals and leaders from all race and religions who put America and the progression of their respective communities at the forefront of their cause.

Source Hellenic News of America
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