Water benefits our health

It is not always easy to say no to delicious beverages and soft drinks. Most of the times we end up drinking hot chocolate, tea, or other kind of refreshments. However, have you ever thought of the benefits that are offered to your body if instead of consuming all these beverages, simply just drink water?

Let’s see what happens to our body if we only drink water.

  • We gain less calories. A cup of tea with sugar contains 30 calories, while a Coca-Cola bottle contains 210 calories. On the other hand one glass of water contains 0 calories.
  • Decreases appetite. Drinking water before going to lunch or dinner, can decrease your appetite thus making you, consume smaller portions of food.
  • Boosts memory and mind. Human brain consists of 75-85% of water. When someone is hydrated, then his brain works better and his concentration and energy levels are increased.
  • Enables metabolism. By drinking just a glass of water in the morning, the metabolic rate rises by 30%.
  • Moisturize and cleans the skin. Water provides the necessary moisture, delays stretch marks and wrinkles and makes skin more radiant.
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