Clean Monday custom in Greece

Clean Monday is the first day of Great Lent just before Easter and it is considered to be as a big celebration and traditional custom in Greece. It is called ‘Clean’ because it indicated the start period of time in which spirits and bodies are “cleaned”, so they are prepared to accept the Resurrection at Easter.

As most celebrations in Greece, this one revolves around food, although no meat, dairy products, olive oil or wine are consumed, due to the Orthodox Lent. That means that ‘Clean Monday’ is the most ideal day to make all the traditional Lenten Greek dishes, like fish roe salad (taramosalata), stuffed grape leaves (dolmadakia), semolina Greek halvah and the lagana bread.

Kite-flying is also a traditional custom of this day, on that day you can see people trying to fly their kites high above the sky.

The weekend before “Clean Monday”, due to the Carnival custom, offers many fascinating parties, a lot of dance parties and big carnival parades all around Greece.