Western Attica the logistics center of Greek territory

A rapid growth and dynamism of the logistics sector in Greece demands creation of a special bureau to cover all the needs of the logistics sector, Vasilis Korkidis president of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry said, addressing an event on: “Western Attica the Logistics Center of Greek Territory”.

In his speech, Korkidis noted that a right strategic planning for the development of logistics sector could bring added value and cheaper products to Greece.

“By simplifying licensing procedures for logistics centers, Greece moves closer to become a logistics hub in Southeastern Europe and this course does not move exclusively through large logistics centers such as Thriasio Field or Gonos military camp in Thessaloniki, but through a network of smaller logistics centers such as Alexandroupoli and Schimatari,” he said.

He added that the big prospects opening through investments made in the port of Piraeus justified the huge size of Thriasio Field, but did not underestimate the usefulness of smaller logistics centers.

On the contrary, he said there was a big room for synergies and opportunities to create a Greek cluster logistics.

Korkidis underlined the significance of upgrading the country’s road and railway networks and stressed that a turmoil in Turkey was leading several Middle East countries to seek new ways of approaching EU markets, avoiding Turkey.

He said that an agreement between Greece and Iran was expected to be signed shortly, while similar interest has been expressed by other countries such as Armenia and Georgia.

Source ANA-MPA
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