Chinese investors lead “Greek Golden Visa” program

Chinese citizens exploited more than everyone else a “Greek Golden Visa” program, offering residency permits to third country citizens and their families when investing more than 250,000 euros on real estate properties or any other investment activity in Greece.

At a meeting at the Economy Ministry between Ministry officials, real estate market executives and representatives of law firms, a report was presented showing that by January 31, 2017, a total of 1,573 residency permits have been offered to real estate investors, of which 664 from China, 348 from Russia, 77 from Egypt, 73 from Lebanon and 67 from Ukraine.

Total permits, including residency permits offered to investors’ families was 3,809 of which 1,580 from China, 787 from Russia, 211 from Iraq, 203 from Lebanon and 179 from Egypt.

The meeting focused on discussing additional actions to strengthen the program and to improve its efficiency. Ministry officials and representatives from Enterprise Greece asked market officials to submit proposals on the improvement of the Greek Gold Visa program.

Source ANA-MPA
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