Greek flag desecrated in Pristina

“This flag has no place in Albanian territories” and “Chameria is Albania” are two messages found on Monday morning next to Greek flag, which was hanged on the main entrance of a restaurant in Pristina.

Furthermore the Greek flag was sprayed with graffiti bearing the logo of the national movement, LSHB – The Movement for United Albania.

On Monday morning the Flag of Greece, hanging on a wall of a Greek restaurant in Pristina, was desecrated with the spraying of nationalistic graffiti.

In addition to a big “X” sign it is written also LSHB – an acronym of the Albanian Movement for Unity – a nationalist organisation from Albania.

Also two letters were found near the Greek flag of the restaurant located in “Meto Bajraktari” street in Kosovo’s capital.

The letters read: “This flag has no place in Albanian territories” and “Chameria is Albania”, referring to a part of the border area of Greece’s Northern Epirus that has ethnic Albanian inhabitants.

The case has been reported to the police who responded to the scene on Monday morning, one of the owners of the restaurant told Gazeta Express.

The Kosovo Albanian owner of the restaurant says that he is worried with the actions of this organization noting that flag desecration is not an attack only against his business, but also an attack against the state of Greece.

Source Gazeta Express
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