Five things you shouldn’t do before sleep

Having trouble getting to sleep at night? Well, maybe you are doing something wrong.

Waking up cranky every night is never fun, so it is time to face the facts.  If some much-needed sleep is on your wish list, here are five habits you should avoid making at night.

1. Stop playing on your smartphone, tablet or computer

Many people have difficulty in stowing their electronic devices away at night. The reason is that friends, co-workers or family constantly sending us text messages and other social media posts. In fact, these devices stimulate the brain, making it even harder for you to sleep all night. Instead you can always try to read a book or listen to some music.

2. Not drinking coffee

We all know that coffee is one of the most popular and beloved drinks in the world. Caffeine helps you stay awake, affect your energy level, heart rate, and feelings of wakefulness. Although that means it can also stop you from producing sleep-inducing chemicals, making really hard for your brain to shut down at night.

3. Avoid drinking Alcoholic Beverages

Many say that a drink can relax the nerves and make it easier to get to sleep. In contrary, results of many studies have shown that drinking booze before bed can cause nightmares, headaches and night sweats. Of course, we should not forget the fact that drinking excessively can lead to a really rough next morning.

4. Exercise

According to many studies, it is important for the human body to avoid physical activity right before going to sleep. Adrenaline is high, the brain is still active so it’s really difficult to wind down. If you want to do some workout, do it at least a few hours before attempting to sleep.

5. Smoke

Smoking before bed has a negative effect on the body. When you smoke, your heart rate is increased and you are stimulated, which is undesirable when you are trying to calm your body and mind. If you currently smoke, try to quit as soon as you can.

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