Singer Athena Andreadis Launches Latest Album on Feb. 3 in NYC

Born in London to Greek parents, Athena Andreadis mother would sing her to sleep. Despite all the music around the house, the young Athena was encouraged to study business, so she headed to Bath University but continued performing. After securing a First Class Degree in Business, Athena enrolled at Trinity College, London, graduating with two post-graduate degrees in Classical and Jazz Voice. Her consistent performing throughout her school years led to Athena recording her debut album, Breathe with Me, which drew many excellent reviews, including The Guardian’s comment that she was “Brave and original. A remarkably fine singer/songwriter.” Since then, she has headlined and sold out numerous UK tours, played at Glastonbury, had songs covered by other artists, and seen her own music synced with TV, commercials, and movies. Athena has built a strong following with the sort of word of mouth that can only come from connecting directly with the emotional heart of her audience.

Her debut album was released with SONY in Greece, and her second with EMI. In 2014 she released a Greek-language record ‘Giini Aggeli (Earth Angels) co-produced by Giorgos Andreou (Tsaligopoulou, Dalaras, Vitali, Alkinoos Ioannidis) featuring Lina Nikolakopoulou (Haris Alexiou, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Alkistis Protopsalti) with Universal– EMI.

Starbucks selected Athena as their exclusive artist in 2014-2016 and her albums sold in all stores in Greece and Cyprus raising money for charity. The co-branding deal is still running successfully to this day.

Classic Greek composer Yiannis Markopoulos chose Athena to sing on his long awaited new record also featuring George Dalaras. In 2015 Athena relocated to Los Angeles and recorded her US album, Ready for the Sun at The Village Studios. Being in Los Angeles quickly provided Athena a life-changing experience when she was selected as the featured artist on Leonard Cohen’s latest record You Want It Darker, on which she sings the chorus on the poignant, poetic track Traveling Light. The track was produced by Cohen’s son Adam, and features mandolins and an overall Greek vibe that connects perfectly with Athena’s rich cultural background.

Athena first got wind of Leonard Cohen’s interest in her when she did an interview with a Greek journalist and the writer told her that when asked who his favorite Greek singer was, the icon mentioned her. While following her career, Adam noticed Athena was living and recording in Los Angeles and invited her to participate on the new album.

Fresh off the heels of one of the most inspirational periods of her music career, Athena is ready to release her first US recorded and produced album, Ready for the Sun. The featured tracks, You Bring Me Luck and Stronger reflect two different sides to Athena as an artist, and the entire album carries the common thread of warmth and positivity that she reveals not just with her music, but with her whole person and her approach to life.

In May 2016 Rolling Stone talked about Athena’s environmental work as ambassador of the Plastic Pollution Coalition (USA) alongside other notables including Maroon 5, Jack Johnson, Jackson Browne, and Bonnie Raitt.

Source The National Herald