Police arrest man illegally entering from occupied areas

27-year-old Indian man arrived in Cyprus through the illegal airport at Tymvos

A 27-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday evening for illegally entering the Republic of Cyprus’ territory, police said on Wednesday.

Specifically, two men were found attempting to enter the state-controlled areas of Cyprus from the occupied areas in Nicosia.

Police found the men in the Ayios Kassianos area and pursued them, after the men attempted to escape.

Police were able to catch one of the men, who did not come into the state-controlled areas from a designated checkpoint.

The man was determined to be a 27-year-old Indian man, who arrived in Cyprus through the illegal airport at Tymvos, Nicosia.

He was arrested for illegal entrance into the Republic of Cyprus.

Nicosia police are continuing the investigation.

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