New Evidence Indicates Greek Singer Pantelidis was Not Driving During Fatal Crash

New evidence in the case of the car crash that killed popular Greek singer Pantelis Pantelidis indicates that he was not driving the vehicle at the fatal moment.

Ever since the fatal wreck on February 18, 2016, Pantelidis was believed to have been drunk while driving the car. An autopsy found large quantities of alcohol in his bloodstream. His two passengers attested that he was indeed drunk when they got in the car with him. The two women were seriously injured in the wreck but have recovered since.

However, Pantelidis’ family have funded a private investigation to find the causes of the accident. According to an Espresso newspaper report, experts have found evidence regarding who was driving the Mercedes SUV the moment of the crash.

The report says that after DNA tests by genetic — molecular biologist Giorgos Fitsialos, the DNA material on the passenger seat belong only to the 33-year-old singer. The same applies to the DNA trace on the passenger seat airbag.

However, on the driver seat, airbag and steering wheel there are DNA traces of other people along with Pantelidis. This leads experts to the conclusion that someone else was driving the vehicle that crashed and killed the singer.

Source Greek Reporter
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