Greek Olive Oil to Boost Tourism

Greece’s landscape and the lives of Greeks are inextricably linked with the olive tree. This relationship may be lost in the distance of time, but this blessed tree and its products do not enjoy enough attention and promotion.

Olive oil is lagging behind wine in the so-called gastronomic tourism.

According to Giorgos Economou, director of the Association of Greek Industries of Olive Oil Standardization, “Olive oil is lagging behind other products, such as wine, by about one decade. We want to develop olive oil tourism. We want to establish the ‘olive oil roads’ and open the olive mills for people to visit them.”

The creation and growth potential in that part of tourism are significant, but there are some bad habits that do not easily change. For example, restaurants are used to serving oil and vinegar that are exposed to the sun and their taste has been distorted, he said adding that “we have asked several times from the state to impose regulations so that restaurants serve a small bottle of olive oil that each customer can open on his own.”

Moreover, children do not learn about the Mediterranean diet, according to Economou who stressed the importance of education. For that reason, he said, campaigns must be launched so that the Greek olive oil is promoted together with wine, bread, feta cheese, and dairy products.

Source The National Herald