What if everyone on Earth jumped at the same time?

Ready ... set ... jump! It's hard to imagine getting everyone on Earth to jump at the same time — though with Facebook, Meetup and all manner of other social-media methods of reaching people, it's easier to believe in the possibility than it used to be.

How chaos theory works

It happened again recently. The local weatherman predicted a major winter storm had set its sights on central Virginia. Precipitation would start the following morning, and we should expect 8 inches (20 centimeters) of the white stuff by…

Take in Santorini’s history at these historical places

Perched on a rim of a dormant volcano, the island of Santorini juts out of the sea as if created by a myth – and perhaps it was! There are those who believe that Plato’s fabled lost city of Atlantis was actually the portion of Santorini…

Greece and Kuwait boost trade relationship

Greece and Kuwait signed several agreements on Friday during the 1st Greece-Kuwait Joint Interministerial Committee (JIC), which was held in Athens during 13-15 March 2019.