FYROM government buildings getting ready for name change

Greece and its parliament was the first NATO member to ratify on Monday the draft bill “Ratification of the Protocol of the North Atlantic Treaty for the Accession of North Macedonia“, having secured 153 votes in favor.

After the ratification, Greek government informed former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) about and on Monday the country started to implement its necessary preparations provided by Prespes Agreement, in order to continue with the whole procedure over its constitutional name change to “Republic of North Macedonia”.

More precisely, on Monday the building housing FYROM’s government in downtown Skopje, took off the letters spelling “FYROM”. According to sources, Tuesday is possible to be the day when a ceremony will take place in the building’s courtyard. During the event, the letters of “North Macedonia” will replace the ones of “FYROM”, while the NATO flag will be placed outside. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev will be the main speaker of the ceremony, in the presence of the Ambassadors of NATO member-states in Skopje.

Apart from the building, changes will occured to the first road signs too figuring the country’s new name. The name “Republic of North Macedonia” will be put up at the borders between Greece-FYROM, most likely at Gevgelija, opposite the customs office in Evzoni, Kilkis. Next will be the rest of the country’s signs and everything else that was included in the Prespes Agreement.

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