Tensions rose as Frankfurt court rejected terrorist extradition to U.S, deporting him to Turkey instead

A German court did not endorse the requested extradition of a wanted terrorist to the U.S. last week, sparking a major dispute between the two counterparts. The U.S. courts initiated proceedings against Adem Yilmaz in 2015, accusing him of participating in raids against garrisoned U.S. forces near the Afghan-Pakistani borderline. Yilmaz was also indicted for plotting a 2008 suicide bombing attack in Afghanistan, which resulted in the casualty of two U.S. soldiers and eleven injuries.

Yilmaz was arrested and imprisoned in Germany in 2010, facing charges for a foiled 2007 attack against U.S. Force’s Ramstein Air Base. The Air base is located 120 kilometres south-west from Frankfurt. Yilmaz served his sentence in German prisons until October 2018. Since then, the terrorist remained detained in German prisons, awaiting the court’s decision on the U.S. extradition request.

The Frankfurt superior court rejected the U.S. extradition request last week. The court’s spokeswoman Gundula Fehns-Boeer argued that a possible extradition of Yilmaz to U.S. would contravene German laws in case he was set to serve a sentence for already-punished crimes. The released terrorist was finally deported to Turkey by German authorities, further aggravating the spat between U.S. and Germany. When landed in Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, Turkish security forces detained him. It is unknown whether Yilmaz will also be trialled in Turkish courts but an official interrogation process will occur in the coming days.

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