Angelina Jolie visits Bangladesh to raise awareness on Muslim Rohingyas’ refugee plight

Angelina Jolie visited on Monday an encampment of Rohingya refugees temporarily sheltered in Bangladesh’s southernmost city of Cox Bazar. Cox Bazar lies 300 kilometres south of Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital. It has sheltered more than 740.000 Muslim Rohingyas displaced from the Rakhine region, located in the western part of Myanmar, former Burma. These people forcibly crossed the Bangladeshi borders during the August 2017 crisis, when the Myanmari government dispatched security forces in the Rakhine region to persecute members of the Muslim Rohingya community. The security crackdown in the area was internationally condemned as an act of ethnic cleansing.

As part of her duties in the U.N. role of Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie scheduled a three-day visit in Bangladesh to inspect the living conditions of Rohingya refugees in temporary settlements in Cox Bazar region. Before the August 2017 crisis, the region had already sheltered more than 300.000 Rohingyas fleeing from neighbouring Myanmar. The current situation is very upsetting, given the presence of more than a million people living on temporary settlements and living off the humanitarian assistance by the U.N. authorities and international philanthropic associations.

The Hollywood personality combined her visit with a global fundraising campaign to raise more than $1 billion to improve living conditions of Muslim Rohingyas in these settlements. This is not the first time the actress arrives in the particular region. She had made an earlier visit in July 2015. As part of her current visit, Mrs. Jolie will meeting with representatives from the Bangladeshi authorities including Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. These talks will touch upon practical solutions to ameliorate Muslim Rohingyas’ living conditions on these areas.

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