Turks gather outside Izmir consulate in solidarity rally for fire-stricken Greece

Hundreds of Turkish citizens rallied outside the historic building housing the Consulate General of Greece in Izmir with candles, placards and flowers in a show of support for the country following the devastating fires and their heavy death toll.

Greece’s Consul General Argyro Papoulia posted pictures of Izmir Turks and members of trade unions that gathered outside the consulate on Thursday night with a banner that read “Hold on neighbours”, copying a front-page headline run by the Greek newspaper “Eleftherotypia” on August 17, 1999 following a disastrous earthquake in Turkey.

Messages of support for Greece from Turkey have also flooded the social media, where the hashtag #Yunanistan (the Turkish name for Greece) was among the top global trends and the hashtag #GecmisOlsunKomsu meaning “get well soon neighbour” was a top trend in Turkey.

Source ANA-MPA


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