NATO’s official: “Resolving name issue is crucial to FYROM’s joining the alliance”

“Finding a solution to the FYROM name issue is of primary importance in the country’s acceptance in NATO”, an official from the alliance stated on Friday.

The official reiterated NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s statements in Skopje on January 18, who had underlined after meeting with FYROM Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that the name issue was crucial, but added that reforms also needed to continue. “Agreement on this issue is crucial for your country to join NATO”, the NATO chief had pointed out at a press conference. “The reforms you are working on are also important: good governance; strengthening the rule of law; building an open, multi-ethnic society; and good neighbourly relationships”, he had added.

In the Q&A following a press conference, Stoltenberg had underlined, “there is no Plan B, no other way of joining NATO than solving the name issue”.

Source ANA-MPA
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