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Giorgos Sampanis for an “explosive” concert in Santorini

The unique Giorgos Sampanis takes a short break from the successful season and visits his favorite island for an "explosive" Live! A unique evening by Giorgos Sampanis, will be enjoyed by fans in Santorini, 11 July at 21:30 at Lyraio Thira. Dakoutros Travel Tickets Pre-sale

Top five natural wonders of the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are known for many things. Sometimes for their unique cultures or their history, perhaps even their beaches and nightlife. However, one thing people often forget about...

Summer still “valid” in Santorini

The Mayor of Santorini highlights that this summer season is one of the best for the island of Santorini, since tourists still arrive in unprecedented amounts. Anastassios-Nikolaos Zorzos, Mayor of Santorini, mentions that Santorini has…