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Greece among top spots for Russian holidaymakers

Greece ranks among the most popular destinations for Russian holiday makers, according to survey results published. Russians choose to holiday domestically, in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus, said the news agency, citing the top destinations.

Less corruption in Greece in 2017

Greece has climbed ten positions in the Transparency International's corruption index for 2017. This is stated in a report published by the Hellenic Police's Internal Affairs division on Tuesday.

New period starting for Greece, says Chantepy

"The exit from the third program is a big moment. A new period is starting for Greece and France will always be next to it," said the French ambassador to Athens Christophe Chantepy, during the July 14 national anniversary being celebrated…

Eliza Vozemberg: Greece exiting the programme but not the crisis

"Growth is forecast to once again be less than 2 pct. It is true that an agreement is ending, that we are exiting the programme, but are we exiting the crisis? We are entering even deeper with the things legislated in advance and the things…