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Mayor Kaminis condemns attacks on police stations

Athens mayor Giorgos Kaminis said on Tuesday that the lack of a plan in tackling attacks against police stations by hooded youths and the lack of culprits being punished has gone too far.

Athens mayor Kaminis will not run for third term

Athens mayor Giorgos Kaminis will not run for a third term as mayor of the Greek capital, he said Wednesday. In announcing his decision, he said that "two terms were enough to prove how much we respected our program and commitments to the…

City of Athens Democracy Award to Joaquim Chissano

Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis on Monday presented the Athens Democracy Award to former president of Mozambique Joaquim Alberto Chissano for the fundamental role he played in the termination of the civil war and the democratisation of his…

Athens Mayor Kaminis to visit Skopje as planned June 22

Athens mayor Giorgos Kaminis will complete his trip to Skopje as planned on June 22, his office said on Thursday. The mayor clarified that the trip will take place after press reports said earlier that the Athens city council had blocked…